Motor Home Insurance

Motorhome insurance is kind of like a cross between homeowners' insurance and auto insurance. With motorhome insurance, many types of damage are covered for the vehicle. If you have a motorhome in Florida and need coverage for it, call us at Nest Insurance Services to learn more about how we can help.

What Does Motorhome Insurance Cover?

Motorhome policies cover accidental as well as indirect damage to the vehicle. It also protects any accessories that are permanently installed. Numerous situations can result in a motorhome being damaged or destroyed, and many can total the vehicle or make it uninhabitable. Motorhome insurance offer coverage for many of these scenarios, with the specific ones specified by your insurance contract.

Emergency Insurance Coverage

Because people who own motorhomes often travel in them, there are many important services through your insurance policy. There are many motorhome insurance options that you can choose to be a part of your coverage. If you are in your motorhome more than 50 miles from your home and your vehicle sustains damage, one insurance option is coverage that will pay for travel or lodging. Another is to provide roadside assistance and towing if there is an emergency.

Vacation or Full-Time Coverage

Some motorhomes are used as vacation homes, some are used for occasional travel, and others are used as permanent or semi-permanent homes. Different types of motorhome coverage can handle different ways of using the vehicle. When a motorhome is parked, and you use it as a vacation home, there is vacation liability coverage. If you live full-time in the vehicle, getting a full-time policy can help you with protection against liability.

Insure Your Motorhome

If your Florida motorhome needs to be insured or you want to add new coverage, call us at Nest Insurance Services to make your appointment to talk with an insurance agent.