Renters/Landlord Insurance

Nest Insurance Services provides dwelling insurance.

Whether you rent an apartment or house, own a condo, or own rental property, make sure you have the proper coverage in the state of Florida. Insurance coverage comes in many forms. Our agents know the correct questions to ask you so that we can find an appropriate policy for your situation. The independent insurance professionals at Nest Insurance Services want to help you find coverage that fits your lifestyle, your dwelling, and your budget.

Renters Insurance

Your possessions are meaningful to you. Don't lose everything because you don't have insurance. Your landlord has insurance, but it doesn't protect your belongings. Renters insurance covers your personal possessions, and it may even cover the expense of having to stay elsewhere if your apartment becomes uninhabitable due to an accident. If you share an apartment, you should have a separate policy from your roommate(s).

Condo Insurance

Protect your belongings and your home with Condo Insurance. Condo Insurance and Homeowners Insurance are not the same. Condominium owners do not need coverage for the property outside of the unit or other structures on the property.

Landlord Insurance

Protect your real estate investments with Landlord Insurance coverage. Although Florida law does not require landlord insurance, your mortgage lender might. You should have an insurance policy to cover the structure and any major appliances that you own in the building. Landlord Insurance differs from homeowners' insurance. The owner is not required to live in the dwellings covered by Landlord Insurance. Some policies may cover a portion of your lost rental income if the property becomes uninhabitable. Be sure to understand the policy you are purchasing.

Obtain your renters, condo, or landlord insurance through Nest Insurance Services.

Obtain sufficient insurance for your Florida needs. We want to help you acquire renters, condo, or landlord insurance. Contact us with any insurance questions you may have. Let us supply you with a quote. Call Nest Insurance Services today to schedule an appointment.