Short Term Rental Insurance

If you are temporarily renting a house, apartment, or condo out to a guest, you should understand why short term rental insurance is recommended in Florida. At Nest Insurance Services, we are here to help you obtain the coverage you need for peace of mind.

What You Should Know

While regular homeowner's insurance is all that you need when you live at a property you own, it isn't enough if others live on your property. The addition of short term rental insurance protects you for any weekly or monthly rentals. Since many people visit Florida for work purposes or even an extended vacation, short term rentals can be a great source of extra income, but only if you are protected with an insurance policy.

However, you may also want to obtain this insurance if you are renting a property from someone else on a short term basis. If the person you are renting from does not carry this insurance, you can protect yourself by taking your own policy out.

Though Florida does not require you to obtain short-term rental insurance for your property or someone else's, it is almost always recommended that you get it anyway. This is the only way you can rent your property to people you don't know (or rent from someone you don't know) without running the risk of encountering a legal or financial burden you aren't prepared to handle.

Other Considerations

Even with short-term insurance, it is still advisable to keep any personal items out of a property you are renting to someone else. There is always a chance of identity theft if your guests have access to something they shouldn't. You can avoid taking this chance by ensuring that your rental property is devoid of any personal items.

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